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Monday, January 13, 2014

Interior: La Bodicese

Welcome to Italy.

At first glance, you may not realize that this stunning place is in fact a Bed & Breakfast; but indeed it is. Set amoungst olive groves, pines and cypress trees, this country retreat exudes a welcoming, eclectic style and embrace. In fact, there are just four distinct guest suites, making for a lovely stay with exceptional service and attention. And while you might not even wish to leave the property, it is only a few kilometres from the beaches of the Versilia coast, so a visit to the beaches is likely a must!

Architecture: Marco Innocenti
Photography: via Nicety & La Bodicese

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Inspiration: In Contrast

A contrast so beautiful.

There are few times in which I think black and white in their right purity are perfect. In some cases, it seems to show up in the way of fashion, such as the decadent pleating work as seen above—where only its counterpart might be fitting to show it off… sometimes it's in the way of spunky polka dots or an elegant and chic sign. To me, it must be delicious and ring out beautifully in its contrast. What are your thoughts?

Images: 01 A Muted Palette | 02 A Muted Palette | 03 The Glossier Nerd | 04 The Glossier Nerd | 05 A Muted Palette | 06 A Muted Palette | 07 The Glossier Nerd | 08 iiiinsired | 09 The Glossier Nerd | 10 iiinspired | 11 The Glossier Nerd | 12 Solid Frog | 13 The Glosier Nerd | 14 A Muted Palette | 15 The Glossier Nerd | 16 Frankly Esoteric

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Interior: Robert Gervais Studio

An inspiring studio.

While I had a few minutes to peruse this fabulous portfolio, I found myself so drawn to each and every single space—the perfect mix of tones and (fabulous!) colors, textures and layers; striking. And while I often find myself torn between two worlds—one of clutter-free areas and streamlined looks, my romanticism plays in just a tad, always, and I find that I need a balance… a happy balance. What are your thoughts on these spaces?

Images: discovered via Flondeau | All images via Robert Gervais Studio
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