01 General Information

Over the past two years, Haute Design has established a strong reputation for originality, quality of images and literature. And as such, Haute Design has been featured on numerous blogs, company websites, magazines and newspapers worldwide, some of which include Models Connect, Elle Decor, Huffington Post and Ivy and Piper. Content varies from unique shops in England to fashion and style in Paris to exquisite hotels in Italy. Haute Design desires to share and array of fresh content featuring that which is haute and beautifully designed, worldwide. *For more information please email:

02 Advertising Links

Haute Design offers text link advertising. Text links will be showcased in the appropriate sections, located on the side bar, or alternatively, within the Shopping page.

03 Sponsored Posting

Haute Design offers paid posting and has had many, many successful results of such. Content must be suitable and fitting to the integrity and standards of the blog and is carefully considered. On several occasions, store owners, hotels, photographers, designers, architects and many others that have been featured are contacted directly for permission and an arrangement to feature.

04 Giveaway Gifts and Partnerships

Haute Design is open to and has offered numerous giveaways in conjunction as well as separate to advertising throughout the last two years. Many giveaways have been sponsored and have received wonderful results.

05 Additional Information

Haute Design does not accept submissions for written work/posting. However, please feel free to email information and imagery relating to your company, product/service or personal work for consideration. We delight in new creativity and content and are willing to consider a feature. However, due to a substantial amount of emails each day, a response to your submission may take up to several days. Please also note that mass emails/spam without proper addressing cannot guarantee a response. Additionally, please do not send email newsletters that have not been requested by Haute Design/Sarah Klassen.

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