A Little About Sarah

Hello! I am a Christian lady, residing in Canada. I am also a designer and the co-owner of Leuie: a boutique, and world of creativity and imagination for children...

Sarah, Contributor to {this is glamorous}

For over a year, I was a weekly contributor at {this is glamorous} —an award-winning, internationally followed and respected design and style blog. I wrote weekly features on travel, entitled {take me away} which ranges from unforgettable coffee shops and amazing quaint boutique hotels to sailing in the summertime. Though I was not able to continue with the column for the time being, I do stop in with a new article from time to time, and attend Vancouver-based events on behalf of {this is glamorous}.

How Haute Design Began

The name, Haute Design, was built from two separate words: "Haute" meaning elegant or referring to something as "highly" —ie. highly stylish—in French, to reflect my French heritage, plus "Design" in which describes the base of all that I would share within these pages...

Haute Design began on a whim, and yet the past years, many fun guest posts have been created, giveaways have been given, and new friendships have been formed. I am humbled and grateful each day for the opportunity to share in a world that appreciates life and beauty in many, many forms.

Please enjoy, and be sure to connect
—I'd love to get to know you!


Branding and design by David Arias
Photography: with permission, via Summerhill & Bishop
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