Sunday, January 19, 2014

Interior: A Parisian Studio

A step into the studio of Fred Meylan, Photographer.

I've always been interested in studios—places turned into working environments most especially (and so often living environments, in their own respect). I often find the mixture of unsuspecting places turned into something else to be fascinating—like a train station turned into a restaurant, or like this, likely an apartment turned studio. And here, everything is dusted in a warm, comforting glow—with age at the forefront, and modern pieces mixed in... so perfectly Parisian that is, to let each element be its own...

Photography: Garance Doré


  1. Me too Sarah! the re-use of old buildings is fascinating! To remain the "soul" of the place and make it your home! Yes, this is really a beautiful place. Love everything about it, but that floor in combination with designer furniture! just great.

  2. Wow - love this. Great texture!

  3. I wouldn't mind wooden herringbone floors at all! Beautiful. Hope you are having a good start to February Sarah! x

  4. Very cool and you had me at those floors!! xo


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