Thursday, May 30, 2013

Interior: Onico

A hair studio located in Japan.

Upon first glance, it is not so clear as to what this beautiful space is used for—but that may be part of its appeal and magic entirely. Incredibly fresh, and given such an unusual approach, this hair studio certainly makes and leaves quite the lovely impression... it is as airy as can be, with the use of wood, chandeliers (amoungst other select decorative pieces) and so much natural light.

Images: discovered via Transito Inicial + r.isobe+office for design

News: Twitter Name Change

Don't forget: a little reminder!

Good afternoon to you! As you may know, my Twitter name (for years now!) was @HauteDesign, but I have just recently changed it to @sarahmklassen —now the very same username as both my Pinterest and Instagram accounts. Hope this makes things a little more streamlined and easier to remember. Have you gone through a change before?

Image: Emerson Fry 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Design: Ciguë, France

Ciguë: A snippet of their projects.

I love design that creates an experience—be it a shop, a restaurant, a café, a home. That feeling, one that invites and involves the senses build an experience matched with a person, a brand, an experience. One firm that certainly impresses with its ability to create a look and feel is Ciguë—a multi-disciplinary design firm that dabbles in furniture and interiors. Above and below, a snippet of a few places you might recognize…

Plus, thank you for your lovely comments on the Rue magazine feature!

Images: Ciguë | firm originally discovered via Tara Stewart

Friday, May 24, 2013

Style: Smart Style

Smart style on Glamour.

Classic smart style is just that—limitless by time and place. I'm constantly on the look out for staples to add to my wardrobe that are well suited, fitted and timeless. My search of the moment is for a black blouse with white polka dots (be sure to share if you have any suggestions!) Do you have a piece you are searching for at the moment? Perhaps a new blazer or dress?

Plus, I hope you have had a lovely weekend!

Images: ru_glamour | Glamour UK, June 13, Chris Craymer

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Film: Once Upon A Time

By Karl Lagerfeld.

A lovely short film, exploring such an integral part of the history of Coco Chanel, and Chanel as we know it today. The film is simply beautiful, and as a shopkeeper myself, has me looking back on the first days of opening Leuie, and the mixture of emotions that one feels—excitement, anxiousness, joy, love. I would love to know, what are your impressions of the film?

And while we are on the topic of beautiful hats and lovely items to place on one's head, I had the recent pleasure of meeting a local, talented designer—a maker of fine headwear. And now, hats are on my mind…

Film: via Youtube | discovered via Popbee

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Press: Rue Shops Vancouver!

Follow along as I share some favorite Vancouver shops.

I am very excited to share that I had the wonderful pleasure of working with the talented Luis Valdizon to put together "Rue Magazine Shops Vancouver" for the brand new May/June issue! His photography truly captures the most wonderful qualities and unique details about each shop in such an authentic way—you almost feel as if you are there! Stop over and enjoy their great, new issue with great inspiration throughout…

* Also, a special thank you to Kelli at Rue for the kind write up about Leuie!

Images: by Luis Valdizon for Rue Magazine, May/June 2013

Style: Patrizia Pepe

A candy jar full of fabulous fashion from Patrizia Pepe.

I would have to admit that there are very few pieces in this beautiful Spring/Summer 2013 collection by Patrizia Pepe that I wouldn't welcome into my wardrobe with open arms—the colors, shapes, silhouettes are all so lovely! Are there a few pieces that have caught your eye?

Images: via Popbee

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