Sunday, March 31, 2013

Interior: A Gentle, Spacious Home

A home to love.

With the warmth of California sunshine, this home invites one to enjoy each and every space… each any every corner, table, sofa, chair… it is the sort of home in which one may never wish to leave. How lovely it would be during the Summertime, as the sun has set, and windows and doors remain open… the candles lit, and the evening's cool embrace surrounding… or in the morning, to sit out at the patio with a fragrant brunch and good company… and even on a dim winter's day, when a roaring fire and plush blanket are surely the ticket…

Images: Pufik Homes

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wishes: Happy Easter!

Easter wishes for you.

There is a certain level of sweetness that so often encompasses the celebration of Easter. Maybe it is thanks to Springtime, and a host of lovely colors and textures that wonderfully reflect this lighter and brighter time of year… the sweetness and associations with fluffy little creatures, and eggs, that soften the heart almost instantly… 

No matter the cause, the result is lovely, and as we embrace Springtime, we celebrate Easter, … and with fond wishes, I wish you a lovely Easter, filled with good things and wonderful company!

+ In the spirit of Easter and love of bunnies, at the Leuie shop and e-boutique, we are happily offering all bunny related items at 20% off this long weekend only! Enter: bunny2013 upon checkout—happy shopping!

Images: 01 Homestrings | 02 Pinterest | 03 Homestrings & discovered via This Ivy House | 04 Tumblr | 05 Homestrings | 06 This Ivy House | 07 Pinterest | 08 This Ivy House | 09 Vogue Living Australia  | 10 This Ivy House | 11 Pinterest

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Inspiration: Magenta & Amber

A fusion of fresh and warm tones.

Today's inspiration is a bit brief, as I am still recovering from this past (and rather eventful) weekend. And while I am working away today at home in my leisure wear, I find myself craving some very pretty, cheerful colors—such as vivid magenta and warm amber. Maybe it's thanks to Easter, just around the corner, or the first few days of Spring. What colors are you craving at the moment? —do share!

Image: Brunette Coquette

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome, Spring!

A step into Spring.

Mid-month has just come and gone—what took it so long? (insert a little smile) When I feel through with all of the wintry drear, my impatience and anticipation for delightful days grows, and grows. And as the sun breaks through icy barriers to reveal the promise of lovelier, longer, and more lush days ahead… we extend a warm welcome to you, dear Spring. You are as dear as ever…

Images: 01 heartychic | 02, 05 by Lene, via The Green Gate & discovered via This Ivy House | 03, 10 Sézane | 04 crushculdesac | 06 Pinterest | 07 Pinterest | 08 eclecchic | 09 eclecchic | 11 Coté Maison | 12 Street & Style, discovered by Pinterest

Monday, March 18, 2013

Inspiration: Beautiful Arches

A short study of archways.

For as long as I can recall, I have always been a fan of lovely archways. They are the perfect way to soften a space… almost like a cove; a bit of an embrace. To add a bit of warmth and interest—be it with decorative molding to frame a transition between two spaces, or a lovely door to the garden, or even with accessories—such as an elegant, decorative mirror tucked into a more rustic shower… and with them? Take them away, and perhaps the spaces below (and above) may not capture our attention quite as much!

I hope you have had a lovely weekend!

Images: 01 Pinterest | 02 Pinterest | 03 Pinterest | 04 Pinterest | 05 Pinterest

Friday, March 15, 2013

Designer: BDBA

A graceful collection of pretty Spring and Summer pieces.

A lovely collection with sweeping dresses is sure to get me every single time… particularly dresses that skim the ground, flow as light and prettily as flowers, and are a joy to wear. And while we are on the topic of beauty, do stop by {this is glamorous} when you have a moment. For this week, we travel to Peru, and visit the very best and most wonderful countryside retreats…

Images: BDBA (be sure to visit their site to see many lovely pieces!)

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