Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Style: Winter Boots

Most of the time, I do not wear tall boots with dresses. For the most part, perhaps, it is due to not having the right sort of boots, but this looks so beautiful—the sleek, straight boots in combination with such an artistic, almost architectural dress. Warm, stylish and terribly chic!

Image: Stockholm Street Style

Inspiration: Creamy Vanilla & Latte

Colors of wintery warmth.

I hope your weekend is coming to a very nice close, and that you have had moments (or days) to do exactly as you wish! Few times throughout the year do I feel, crave, neutrals—warm neutrals—the kind that you want to scoop and cozy up with… neutrals as wonderful and as comforting as that favorite blanket that is always close at hand in the home… as comforting as hands scooping around a hot latte, so warming and fragrant… as comforting as slippers that you long to tuck your chilled toes into…

Image: 01 via Aysu Taşkın on Pinterest | 02 pducklow2000 | 02 via Mocha Latte | 04 via La Pouyette | 05 via Frankly Esoteric | 06 Kim {natashalarousse} on Pinterest | 07 via Pamela on Pinterest | 08 via Pamela on Pinterest | 09 via Crush Cul de Sac | 10 via Aysu Taşkın on Pinterest

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Style: A Gentle Grace

Perhaps one of the most elegant ladies I have ever seen, it was not her red lips that caught my attention first off, but her gentle grace, confidence and kind eyes. Isn't she beautiful and inspiring?

Image: via Advanced Style

Friday, January 18, 2013

Inspiration: Kara Rosenlund

An inspiring photographer with an eye for beauty.

Hello to you! I hope that you are enjoying the weekend very much… I am looking forward to a day of relaxation and enjoying some time (bundled up!) outdoors. Speaking of enjoyment, I recently came across Kara Rosenlund's work and instantly enjoyed her fresh photography and eye of beautiful, vintage pieces. Kara is a stylist, photographer, buyer, and blogger from Brisbane, Australia…

Travelling Wares is her (very!) fun caravan shop, selling vintage found pieces for the home. She has some lovely pieces that embody the very same sensibility that you see so evidently within her photography. Do stop by her site and take a look if you wish—you may very well spend a number of minutes, unable to leave, just as I have!

Images: Kara Rosenlund | discovered via Greige on Pinterest

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Interior: Selexyz Bookstore

Look up, around, and in between ink-laden pages.

Hello, friends! I hope that the new year has been kind to you, and that it is off to a brilliant start! I must say, we've had such lovely here, it makes the day truly more beautiful… and while we are on the topic of beauty, I could not wait to share this beautiful book shop with you—located in Maastricht, Holland. Dutch architects Merkx + Girod had converted this Dominican church into one of the most incredible bookshops in the world… wouldn't you love to visit?

Plus, if you enjoy this space, you might also enjoy this & this one as well.

Images: Flavorwire & Crush Design Studio

Style: Caramel Tones

 Buttery tones of caramel, latté and rich, dark coffee… On this rainy, cool January day, this chic and warm outfit (especially the coat) looks just about right!

Images: Vogue, Spain

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Interior: A Beautiful Living

Fresh air meets fabulously furnished spaces.

When I first laid eyes upon this family home, a few words came to mind: welcoming, cozy, fun, cheerful, authentic… life is lived in this home. Beautifully lived. Nothing is untouchable, and there are many surprises indoors and out to make one take a second look. And of course, if you have been reading Haute Design for a little while now, you will know that I adore children, and was happy to see this home has such playful nurseries, and that the little ones who live here truly enjoy country life…

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Interior: A Neutral, Soft Home

A home where light and life flows with ease.

Rarely does a neutral home grab my attention, but this one, with its unusual, surprising details, certainly has. The shelves that pass from the living to the dining room as well as the loft area in the bedroom are certainly thoughtful and enjoyable. There is something about the dining room, with its welcoming table, that beckons fragrant Sunday brunches, and inspiration shared over coffee…

Images: Coté Maison

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Designer: Chloé

Chloé, pre-fall 2013 collection.

Chloé's pieces are beautiful. Such a balance of classic femininity and modernity. Some styles we see are so true to the brand, one could pick them out of a bunch, and while others are a bit fresh in their own way. The blouses in photograph no.11 are heart stopping in my mind, and I am thrilled to see full shapes again (I cannot get enough of them!) —be it a cozy coat or a pastel dress. I'd like to know—what are your thoughts on these designs?

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Style: Grey Days

If you cannot banish grey days quite yet, why not join them! —with warm, soothing tones of the said neutral color, represented in pretty ways. So rich, so divine…

Image: 01 via Our Vanity Fair | 02 captured by Trish of Trouvais

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Inspiration: Winter Simplicity

A moment to breath.

After all of the delicious food (perhaps too much, and far too delicious) … after all of the merriment and decorations, the planning and packaging, we have a chance to refresh at the start of this wonderful new year…

For me, as soon as Christmas and the new year have passed us, I long to refresh—to keep a bit of warmth of course, but to primarily loose the busy and fullness of Christmas decoration. Maybe it's the month of January, and the promise of new, though maybe it's the freshness of snow as inspiration, but each year, the familiar desire arises, and I oblige it with a space clean and anew…

Images: 01 Classy in the City | 02 The Gifts of Life | 03 The Gifts of Life | 04 Franka Eberlein on Pinterest | 05 Céline | 06 transito inicial | 07 Classy in the City | 08 Garance Doré 
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