Thursday, December 12, 2013

Welcome, December

Hello, December.

December's splendor... and splendor it is, as just before I knew it, snow arrived, and the rushing of memories and the return of this fabulous month rang in. Delicious memories, sweet thoughts and endless things to look forward to make this month so very special. And while in past each day held a post, a tribute to giving (as you may remember?) and this year will be the same—shared bits of inspiration for the soul and eyes, though perhaps more sporadic than in the past, due to the shop and its happy take over of days…

Images: 01 Polienne | 02 via This Ivy House | 03 via The Glossier Nerd | 04 Patrizia D. | 05 Remain Simple |  06 The Glossier Nerd | 07 The Glossier Nerd | 08 via Pinterest | 09 via Frankly Esoteric | 10 via Flickr | | 11 via Pinterest & A Cozy Kitchen | 12 Polienne | 13 via Endevrs De Decor


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