Sunday, November 10, 2013

Style: Warmth + Shimmer

Often mixing two opposites makes for a wonderful twist on a look… like leather with ruffles, or weathered denim with pristine, pressed tailoring. And why not? Each piece is appreciated in its own way, and together, anew, and certainly a bit playful…

Photography: Chung Club


  1. A sequined skirt and chunky knit? How fabulous. And so in tune with my current thinking that getting dressed each day should be less about perfection and more about having fun.

  2. fabulous! she couldn't have done it better!

  3. oooh i totally agree ... love the interplay of textures.

  4. Loving the textures and the shine!

  5. I’ve always been drawn to unexpected combinations of two pieces that aren’t supposed to work, but they do. Downplaying something fancy with something casual always seems to work, and I think Alexa's style philosophy is a proof to that.


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