Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Style: Autumn Lace

A beautiful way to wear lace in Autumn.

Some things are meant for certain seasons… like that cozy wool scarf that wraps you in warmth; the one that each year, gives you pleasure to wear… or that airy linen top that breaths the fragrant summertime air… or those favorite boots—the kind that you can wear through snow, rain, and whatever the season may bring… but there are some pieces that live in the wardrobe throughout the year, and are re-styled through the seasons, given a fresh look as often as you desire…

Images: Snakes Nest


  1. I'd freeze.... and thats just a really unflattering looking dress ...not a great choice .

  2. Hello "Anonymous": I certainly appreciate difference of opinion and feedback, and though I adore the dress on this lovely lady, and assume she does too, as she selected it, style itself is such a thing that is entirely of opinion... on another note, thank you for reading Haute Design, and have a nice day :)

  3. i LOVE this dress. does anyone know where it was purchased?

  4. Sarah, this dress would work in the dead of winter in Houston, it's floaty & dreamy but still one of the most fashionable looks going on today. I voted for you over on the Lamps site, Yvonne @ StoneGable was in a different category, but I noticed your name there so I voted for you 'cause, after all, you're the BEST !!

  5. Hey babe, I love this dress, it would work in the dead of winter in Houston, and it's adorable, floaty, feminine and so fashionable right now. I voted for you over on the Lamps site.
    Good luck !!

    1. Hello Marsha—oh my goodness, thank you so so much! xx

  6. Hello Sarah -- twitter does not seem to be letting me leave DM links any longer, so will leave it here -- thought you might like this : http://valentinaensumundo.blogspot.fr/2012/06/verano-2012.html x

  7. I'm in love with combining lace and blazers lately, and this white lace dress worn under the perfect masculine jacket is ideal!



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