Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Style: Blame it On Fashion

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Isn't the title of this blog so fitting? Blame it on fashion, indeed, and I do... each time I pass a window display that beckons a look, a touch, the imaginable factor of many outfits… blame it on fashion for the way we feel. The right heel for that dinner out, or that stunning blue jacket that rivals even the most dull of days. And if you are like me—I want to snatch nearly every single piece out of this lovely lady's wardrobe and place it contently in my own… especially, most especially, that ruffled top in ethereal midnight black.

Images: Blame it on Fashion


  1. OMG..its really hard to choose one outfit fabulous..each one of them..thanks for the eye-candy! xx meenal

  2. Beautiful ....BUT......can someone please explain to me how ANYONE is supposed to wear those very high very skinny heels ??? I have yet to see a femme looking comfortable whilst in them. Have witnessed a few falls ....not a good look...

    1. It is definitely a difficult task :) I have tried and generally only last a few hours in them before I can hardly take it... !

  3. She has a great sense of style and so many pieces I would wear myself. :) Love that last look, my favourite way to wear a leather jacket, with a very elegant dress.


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