Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Interior: Golden Caramel

A lovely balance of warm and cool in an unusual setting.

Stark whites are brought to life with a myriad of golden hues, ranging from sunflower yellow to a rich, aged (almost Tuscan) golden… and to my understanding, this stunning place operates as both studio/showroom for their wonderful antique collection and additional products, as well as a home; a concept not so often seen, but one that I find (more and more to be) incredibly intriguing and full of possibility…

—Visit their website to see more!

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Images: discovered via Nicety & originally on Nuevo Estilo


  1. Those warm golden hues really make a place inviting.

  2. I'm loving them too. Yesterday I think I was obsessed with the deep russets, amber, etc. You think it's the time of the year? xx's

    1. Definitely! I find myself feeling the same—drawn to deep, warm, moodier tones :) xx


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