Monday, August 12, 2013

Designer: Poppy Barley

A shoe company with a promise.

Poppy Barley—the very first in North America to be offering customized, handcrafted, luxury footwear online at an attainable price point… furthermore, the first in North America to be offering made-to-measure boots online. They promise a quality shoe that will fit, and one that you can customize. A shoe entirely your own, build with quality materials, produced by artisans with ethics and high standards at the forefront… and delivered to your doorstep in just a few weeks.

And in a world of mass production, where over 60% of women have difficulty finding a shoe to fit their unique foot, Poppy Barley defies all and offers a lovely alternative. And after all, our feet go along with us everywhere, throughout the day, and our many different outings—they ought to be treated with care.

Plus, following the launch of the collection of boots, see their brand new flats collection:

But perhaps even more than the fun idea of customizing and the thought of a perfectly fitted shoe, I was taken with Poppy Barley’s ethics. Their total manufacturing practices section of the website, invites you to step behind the scenes and discover more about the business that you are supporting. Take a quick tour to learn more.

And happily, in the post, I received a lovely little measuring kit to assist with taking proper measurements to have my very own shoe made…now, of course, is the fun part—customizing! (a little inspiration here & here) Plus, this Autumn, we can look forward to yet another layer to their collection—a sneak peek here, with a film!

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Images + Film: courtesy of Poppy Barley


  1. loving the first ones, with bracelet. gorgeous. xx

  2. Love the golden/black flats with the ankle strap!! Beautiful craftsmanship.

  3. Looking them up now! The flats are all so lovely.
    xx lexi @ glitter, inc.


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