Sunday, June 23, 2013

Welcome, Summer

A warm welcome to Summertime.

This weekend felt like Summer. At the shop, the lavender has been planted in the gardens just outside the entrance, and a new window display has been made in celebration—inspired by fresh laundry and carefree days of the season. The front door is rarely closed, and I can't help but love the little nest of baby birds and Mother that have made their home adjacent to the shopfront. Indeed, the Leuie shop feels like home no.02, and I am delighted to share our very first Summer with it… what are you most happy about this Summer?

Images: 01 via this ivy house | 02 via miss class | 03 via ivy house | 04 & 05 via Linen & Lavender | 06 via Pinterest & also, Jordi Canosa, estilismo Daniela Cavestany via Desde My Ventana | 07 via this ivy house | 08 via Pinterest | 09 via Pinterest | 10 via Pinterest | 11 via Pinterest | 12 via Linen & Lavender


  1. Hi, Sarah. A pretty summer post. Thank you for the credits on l&l's pics. :) Love image #6 if you find the source, will you let me know? Stay well~L

    1. Thanks so much, LeAnn—love your photographs and your beautiful blog—even if I do not comment :) Also, I did come across the original source of that image if you are interested in taking a look at the rest of this place—visit the link above to see more! x


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