Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Style: The Chic, Classic Sneaker

The Converse, CT AS Dainty.

While my Mother can seamlessly throw together a sophisticated blazer and rocker tee, (à la Française, bien sûr) a pair of jeans and finish with heels, or flats, I have yet to master the craft. Enter the need for a pair of shoes for outings with David—outings that may or not involve the great outdoors, and usually with a camera in hand. (his, not mine, as mine is clutching my iphone) Thanks to this stylish lady based in Belgium, I believe I may be able to work this model of Converse into my wardrobe…

Thanks lovely Polienne for the inspiration I needed! Any other suggestions?

Images: Polienne


  1. I think that the key to this look is adding a tailored piece like a blazer and a lovely leather handbag. I recently wrote about purchasing my first pair of Converse sneakers! http://www.styleaspirations.com/?p=1429 I opted for black, but I'd love to have a white pair for summer!

    1. So true! And that is so funny that you mention black because my David said how lovely the white ones are, but perhaps not so suitable for outdoor excursions as a darker pair would be. I might follow suit and begin with black or perhaps a blue :)

  2. pretty nice style. I'm not shure about glasses only.

  3. I really, really love that knitted scarf. Just too lovely.

    Hope you're doing well, Sarah :)

  4. Classic look. I think Converse work with just about anything.

  5. I purchased the same pair this spring (my first sneakers since my early twenties). I pair them with a knit blouse, skinnies, and a nice leather bag. The last time I wore them, a man at a BMW dealership said to me "I like your shoes!" from across the parking lot.
    xx, B

  6. Where are those jeans from!? I've been looking for a pair with exactly that fit. Not too saggy like boyfriend jeans but relaxed and broken-in. I NEED TO KNOW! :)


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