Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Interior: Robert Gervais Studio

An inspiring studio.

While I had a few minutes to peruse this fabulous portfolio, I found myself so drawn to each and every single space—the perfect mix of tones and (fabulous!) colors, textures and layers; striking. And while I often find myself torn between two worlds—one of clutter-free areas and streamlined looks, my romanticism plays in just a tad, always, and I find that I need a balance… a happy balance. What are your thoughts on these spaces?

Images: discovered via Flondeau | All images via Robert Gervais Studio


  1. I love the glimpses of gold in some of these rooms. I currently have a few DIY projects up my sleeve and all of them involve gold in some way.

    1. Ahh, then this is perfect timing! Good luck with your projects :)


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