Sunday, June 30, 2013

Inspiration: Freckled Beauty

Images: Carla Crombie by Vladimir Marti for Marie Claire Latin America May 2013 | Via Pinterest

Interior: Like a Cashmere Blanket

Comfort reigns in the cozy family home.

Lovely LeAnn, of one of my most favorite blogs, Linen and Lavender, shared in the love for the beautiful living space with the staircase heading up to the second floor that was featured on the blog a short while ago, and was very curious about the remainder of the home, and its originality. It seems that serendipitously today I came across the entire home, and hope that she sees this, and that you too enjoy this family home as much as we do! Doesn't it seem to wrap one up in its entirety of warmth, comfort and curves? I do not even know where to begin, but the features are simply outstanding and help to create a home worth appreciation…

Images: discovered via Pinterest & originally found on decoramour, via & photography by

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Style: The Chic, Classic Sneaker

The Converse, CT AS Dainty.

While my Mother can seamlessly throw together a sophisticated blazer and rocker tee, (à la Française, bien sûr) a pair of jeans and finish with heels, or flats, I have yet to master the craft. Enter the need for a pair of shoes for outings with David—outings that may or not involve the great outdoors, and usually with a camera in hand. (his, not mine, as mine is clutching my iphone) Thanks to this stylish lady based in Belgium, I believe I may be able to work this model of Converse into my wardrobe…

Thanks lovely Polienne for the inspiration I needed! Any other suggestions?

Images: Polienne

Monday, June 24, 2013

Interior: Woodwork by Ivassalletti

Images: Ivassalletti, Italy | originally discovered via Linen & Lavender

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Designer: Fratelli Rossetti

Beautiful Spring & Summer footwear styles.

There is nothing like dressing in the morning… donning a lovely dress that makes the day sweeter, your favorite signature jewelry to adorn, and slipping into your favorite shoes. Shoes that not only help to create your look, but to take through your day—to the many places and to people you may meet. And those shoes ought to meet you halfway in your journey—to back you up, and help you along the way, as you enjoy them…

Plus, if you enjoy these styles, you may also wish look at past lookbooks and styles, here.

Images: Fratelli Rossetti

Welcome, Summer

A warm welcome to Summertime.

This weekend felt like Summer. At the shop, the lavender has been planted in the gardens just outside the entrance, and a new window display has been made in celebration—inspired by fresh laundry and carefree days of the season. The front door is rarely closed, and I can't help but love the little nest of baby birds and Mother that have made their home adjacent to the shopfront. Indeed, the Leuie shop feels like home no.02, and I am delighted to share our very first Summer with it… what are you most happy about this Summer?

Images: 01 via this ivy house | 02 via miss class | 03 via ivy house | 04 & 05 via Linen & Lavender | 06 via Pinterest & also, Jordi Canosa, estilismo Daniela Cavestany via Desde My Ventana | 07 via this ivy house | 08 via Pinterest | 09 via Pinterest | 10 via Pinterest | 11 via Pinterest | 12 via Linen & Lavender

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