Thursday, May 2, 2013

Interior: Grey Calm

A fan of greys for calm and neutral refreshment.

If there is one color I will never, ever tire of, that would certainly be grey. Grey that can feel as cool as ice, grey that can warm a space as sunshine on shoulders… grey that can bring color together, pattern to rest, and will forever be lovely and timeless…

Images: 01 via Sande Chase | 02 Barbara Murphy | 03 Seekers of Style | 04 via Camila Roman Demo | 05 via Pamela | 06 via WhoWhatWear | 07 via Decade Diary, by Bernadette Pascua | 08 via siegfried interiorismo | 09 via Garance Doré


  1. Grey is one of my favorite neutrals-it's so soothing!

  2. I recently bought a slouchy grey knit for autumn and I love it - it really is timeless.

  3. The French stucco house is everything I dream of a home! Gorgeous pics!


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