Thursday, March 7, 2013

Welcome, March

A warm welcome, March.

March. And the promise of Spring… I feel as though it ought to be a title for a film, or maybe a book, that delves in the sheer delight of this new season… a season, by all accounts, that brings a smile to faces… a season the beckons blossoms to open… the season of beginings.

And, to start the season, we prepare for a refresh and improvements for our little Leuie shop—a fresh coat of paint outdoors and on the flooring, and planning for awnings; new furniture, and new pieces in the shop. There will be a new baby line, a new children's clothing line, vintage furniture and some of the most lovely pieces for the home. It's just like Christmas, only warmer, with flowers and sunshine.

I look forward to walking around outside in the early evening, and the light still in the sky… and you, what are looking forward to most this month?

Images: 01 philhaber | 02 via Pinterest | 03 Crooks & Nannies | 04 The Chic Department | 05 Pinterest | | 06 via Pinterest | 07 via Pinterest | 08 The Glamourai | 09 via Pinterest


  1. What a lush, gorgeous post! Love all these images and thoughts of spring- my favorite season of all.

  2. Such great spring inspiration photos - you just got me really excited!!

    I'm looking forward to the warm sun and light breeze! Also, the smell of freshly cut grash, and the feeling of sand between my toes! Spring and Summer: oh how I love thee!


  3. Hope your March is absolutely fabulous darling! xx

  4. Ahhhhhhh. Like flinging the windows open for the first time in spring. What a beautiful and refreshing post.
    I hope you will share pics of your shop with us!

    1. I believe so—everything should be complete within a few weeks—fingers crossed, xx

  5. wow, fantastic interior, so moody, so photogenic!

  6. Woow. The dress in the picture is beautiful and I have to say it reminds me of a dress I made for a friend of mine two years ago but this model is really brilliant. A few days ago I discovered a great fabric store here in my native Toronto called King Textiles that offers the world's finest fabrics and I always go there when somebody asks me to make a dress or other decorations for them. And I have to say the dress in the picture is a great inspiration for me to improve my older pieces and to create a new one from the fabrics I buy in that shop. :)


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