Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Inspiration: Magenta & Amber

A fusion of fresh and warm tones.

Today's inspiration is a bit brief, as I am still recovering from this past (and rather eventful) weekend. And while I am working away today at home in my leisure wear, I find myself craving some very pretty, cheerful colors—such as vivid magenta and warm amber. Maybe it's thanks to Easter, just around the corner, or the first few days of Spring. What colors are you craving at the moment? —do share!

Image: Brunette Coquette


  1. i am eying a blazer at CM.. it's pinkish off-white. I can't take too much pink; it's so pretty tho!


  2. What a pretty lady! I have been gravitating towards warm yellows, bright corals and pretty blues lately. I am so tired of the dreary landscape. I'm ready for the colors of spring.

  3. Everything between the pinks and blue Sarah! really like the shade of pink for this blazer, it suits her very well!!

    I hope you have a good week so far!


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