Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wishes: Happy Valentine's Day!

Warm wishes for you!

Today, we celebrate Valentine's Day, and like always, I enjoy this day in savory, small ways… and why not? Whether single or not, the day can mean to each person as they wish… to celebrate the beauty and splendor of love in all of its forms—whether it be a bit of heart for a family member, dear friend, spouse, or even a stranger… offer a smile, a warm gesture, words of encouragement, and enjoy the wonderful day just as you wish! Happy Valentine's Day!

Image: 01 Mario Sierra | 02 Classy in the City | 03 Classy in the City | 04 Classy in the City | 05 This Ivy House | 06 Fashion Gone Rogue | 07 Classy in the City | 08 This Ivy House | 09 This Ivy House | 10 via We Heart It |11 Fashion Gone Rogue


  1. Sarah-
    I hope that your Valentine's day was a lovely one. Beautiful images.
    Happy Weekend.

  2. Wonderful Valentine images...the girl floating in the red dress is so sensual. Hope you enjoyed a beautiful Valentine day. Francine

    1. Agreed—I completely fell for that first image…

  3. Well, this is definitely the best valentine post of this week!! Beautiful!

  4. such an amazing post. It is always wonderful to visit
    Have a great weekend. xx

  5. Sorry for the belated Happy Valetines Day! I hope you're having a marvelous start to your week . . . still can't get over how adorable Leuie is. Hopefully one day I can pay a visit, x

  6. your blog is stunning!!!


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