Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Inspiration: Heavenly Blues

Inspiration for adding blue into the home & wardrobe.

Even on the rainiest of days (mixed with snow!) such as today, a medley of soft blues seem perfect. After all, if you cannot beat the raindrops, join them! It may show up in the coziest form of sweaters… or maybe within a dreamy wall… Chanel couture… and maybe even a bath, trimmed in gold. What is inspiring you today?

Images: 01 Phil Oh via Vogue | 02 via Carolyn Quartermaine | 03 Bernadette Pascua, via a previous post | 04 Luis Valdizon, via Blue Owl Home Boutique | 05 Les Composantes | 06 | 07 Confined Light | 08 via This Ivy House | 09 via Pinterest | 10 via Pinterest | 11 Phil Oh via Vogue | 12 previous post, via the Coveteur


  1. So pretty. The chinese tapestry is a dream...

  2. beautiful ideas...

  3. I'm with you Sarah! just add some color to it and my mood is getting better! Beautiful, loving the window display by Nina Ricci, so pretty.

  4. Just the feeling blue provokes is worth posting! Love every image! (Been a follower for quite awhile, thought I'd comment today.)

  5. Beautiful Blue Post, Sarah...I adore the bathroom ;-)

  6. you have an imagination and an incredible idea, and I am very impressed with your work


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