Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Interior: Selexyz Bookstore

Look up, around, and in between ink-laden pages.

Hello, friends! I hope that the new year has been kind to you, and that it is off to a brilliant start! I must say, we've had such lovely here, it makes the day truly more beautiful… and while we are on the topic of beauty, I could not wait to share this beautiful book shop with you—located in Maastricht, Holland. Dutch architects Merkx + Girod had converted this Dominican church into one of the most incredible bookshops in the world… wouldn't you love to visit?

Plus, if you enjoy this space, you might also enjoy this & this one as well.

Images: Flavorwire & Crush Design Studio


  1. Lovely bookstore isn't it... It's in the city where I work. Unfortunately it's also quite busy during the day so it's impossible to take a good look around. Btw... The name of the bookstore is supposed to be Selexyz.

    1. I bet it is! Thank you so much for the correction, Noetje :)

    2. Your welcome. If you like this you should take a look at photo's of the Kruisherenhotel in the same city. It's an old convent turned hotel in the middle of the city. The space is absolutely stunning..

  2. I've been there and it's quite an amazing space. I was lucky enough that there wasn't too many people and really enjoyed the visit! I, as a catholic, had some weird feelings when I found that the space of the altar was left for the cafeteria. Quite amazing to take a coffee there, but I'd have kept this space for some use related to culture or reading, rather than just relaxing, just to respect the previous use that it had before.
    Wonderful images, by the way, and happy 2013!

    The Lemon Pear
    Cafe au deux

    1. Hello! Thank you for sharing this—sometimes, I wonder how others feel about a place :) Your thoughtful idea is lovely, and as a Christian, I know that I would enjoy this!

      Happy New Year to you! xx

  3. It's a beautiful space, I know I would love to look up at that splendid ceiling,those windows - and I adore books as well! I have the same curious feelings as Almudena, just by looking at the pictures. When I see the cafeteria table is cross-shaped it raises still more questions for me - how did the designers feel about the past and present of the building? But I would be delighted to walk into it.
    Thank you for your wonderful blog,


  4. This is a beautiful bookshop! I was in Maastricht in November 2011 and of course this was one of our destinations. I stood there in awe of the design. There weren't that many people when we arrived so we were really able to take in the place and enjoy it. I didn't have a latte 'at the altar' and of course I regret it ;-)

    Happy New Year Sarah!


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