Friday, January 18, 2013

Inspiration: Kara Rosenlund

An inspiring photographer with an eye for beauty.

Hello to you! I hope that you are enjoying the weekend very much… I am looking forward to a day of relaxation and enjoying some time (bundled up!) outdoors. Speaking of enjoyment, I recently came across Kara Rosenlund's work and instantly enjoyed her fresh photography and eye of beautiful, vintage pieces. Kara is a stylist, photographer, buyer, and blogger from Brisbane, Australia…

Travelling Wares is her (very!) fun caravan shop, selling vintage found pieces for the home. She has some lovely pieces that embody the very same sensibility that you see so evidently within her photography. Do stop by her site and take a look if you wish—you may very well spend a number of minutes, unable to leave, just as I have!

Images: Kara Rosenlund | discovered via Greige on Pinterest


  1. Dearest Sarah,
    Having a high quality lens is one thing but Kara is a true artist who can picture things in her mind before capturing them artfully...
    Happy weekend to you!

  2. such beautiful photography, I'm going to check out her site now

  3. Oh yes Sarah!! i saw her beautiful home featured in Remodelista a while ago and read about her activities.
    I really love her style!xx


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