Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wishes: Merry Christmas!

A few wishes for Christmas.

From my home and heart to yours, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! May your day be filled with laughter and joy, fun, and most of all, love. Enjoy leisure mornings and lingering conversations, embraces and surprises over the next few days...

Warmly, Sarah

Photography: 01 via Ana Rosa | 02 via Coté Maison Pinterest | 03 Love Court xoxo
| 04 via Ana Rosa | 05 via Lovely Clusters' Pinterest |  

Friday, December 20, 2013

Inspiration: A Moment in Christmas

Savoring the little things.

During this busy time of year, things at the little shop are in full Christmas cheer—gifts are being put together and wrapped, lists are being checked off, and joyful words and music spreads throughout... I find it most essential to take a moment to go back to the roots of Christmas, and savor those thoughts of love and appreciation, of hope and joy, of blessings and the blessed one. And these moments are so essential to Christmas, as are those to say "thank you" even though a million things may be scattering around one's mind... it is so important to be thankful to those around us who lend a hand in both large and small ways...

Images: El Mueble

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Style: Plaid on Plaid

An inspiring look of pattern on pattern.

Olivia Palermo rarely disappoints, and this look, with plaid on plaid and great layers is sure to inspire this Autumn—particularly as we head toward winter and Christmastime. Perhaps because her pants offer a tighter plaid pattern, mostly dark shades, and the top, in contrast, has a more open pattern; something a little more airy. Finished with a bold black vest and simple shoes seem to take the balance to a very manageable level. A chic look that certainly feels a tad festive…

Photography: © Andrew Stinson via Vogue, ES

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Welcome, December

Hello, December.

December's splendor... and splendor it is, as just before I knew it, snow arrived, and the rushing of memories and the return of this fabulous month rang in. Delicious memories, sweet thoughts and endless things to look forward to make this month so very special. And while in past each day held a post, a tribute to giving (as you may remember?) and this year will be the same—shared bits of inspiration for the soul and eyes, though perhaps more sporadic than in the past, due to the shop and its happy take over of days…

Images: 01 Polienne | 02 via This Ivy House | 03 via The Glossier Nerd | 04 Patrizia D. | 05 Remain Simple |  06 The Glossier Nerd | 07 The Glossier Nerd | 08 via Pinterest | 09 via Frankly Esoteric | 10 via Flickr | | 11 via Pinterest & A Cozy Kitchen | 12 Polienne | 13 via Endevrs De Decor

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Designer: Belgrave Crescent

Belgrave Crescent: By Roséline and Paul.

“Luxury is in each detail.”   — Hubert de Givenchy ... A classic quote, but one that embodies so much more than its five words... and what so defines luxury? Is it in the specialty of an experience or an item? Is it found in the longing for something rare and beautiful? Perhaps it is arguable that luxury itself is not merely seen, but felt. How one feels when pampering in an exquisite setting, or slipping into a trailing tailored gown. Luxury is in the details; the details both seen and unseen—the very high regard and measure of the details that have been completely     taken     care     of     ...

Under the wings of great love, Paul and Roséline, of {this is glamorous}, set off on a wonderful new adventure a few years back. It was thanks to a lack of solution that impelled them to re-consider the marketplace, and to set forth to create the very piece that they longed for: an ipad case that embodied simplicity, practicality and was chic in style. A brand was born, called Belgrave Crescent—the namesake of where it all began...

Carefully designed and manufactured was a collection of must-haves, designed bearing an essence of words such as: classic, sophistication, practical, beautiful, and crafted upon the principles and techniques of skilled craftsmanship; one so rare in today's (too often) fast-paced relay of production. Indeed, Belgrave Crescent takes a step back to embrace true artistry that may happily reflect yesterday, with relevancy to today. Let's take a step onto the soil of the United Kingdom with Paul and Roséline...

And I will leave it to your own imagination, but mine leads to castles and exploring vasts lands as pictured, open skies, gardens, and nearly anything that includes the wonderful nature of truly living...

Belgrave Crescent: Shop | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

Quote & All Photography: via Belgrave Crescent

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Style: Caroline de Maigret

Pictures with Caroline de Maigret, for Zara.

This lady is lovely, and constantly inspires with her easy sense of style... maybe because of her culture, or perhaps because of her career... either which way, she certainly has an eclectic sense, with flair so natural—be it with simple, clean colors and lines or wintry plaid in black and red...

Images: via Zara

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Style: Warmth + Shimmer

Often mixing two opposites makes for a wonderful twist on a look… like leather with ruffles, or weathered denim with pristine, pressed tailoring. And why not? Each piece is appreciated in its own way, and together, anew, and certainly a bit playful…

Photography: Chung Club

Welcome, November

A brisk & cozy month.

"November" —seems too early to speak the word, and yet as quick as can be, the weather claims it is so... days are beginning to call for multiple layers, hot coffees that taste of the season's bliss, and early evenings... and as the little shop gears up for Christmastime, with beautiful books, toys, fashions, and special gifts, I cannot help but want to speed things into the Christmas spirit. And so, with thanks, we welcome you, November—despite your brisk welcome, you also bring an unmistakable warmth…

Photography: 01 L.Becker Flowers, via Pinterest | 02 via Pinterest | 03 via Pinterest | 04 via Pinterest | 05 Fash n Chips | 06 via Pinterest | 07 via Pinterest & Loeffler Randall | 08 via Frankly Esoteric | 09 & 11 Home Stories, Italy | 10 via This Ivy House
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