Monday, December 31, 2012

Wishes: Happy New Year!

Warm wishes for you!

I can hardly believe that the start of 2013 is just hours away! The next few days will include church, much prayer and praise, excitement for all that is to come in the new year… and I look forward to time for relaxation, films and plenty of food, coffee, and the like. Such a pleasant time of year!

To say that it has been quite the year is certainly an understatement! The launch of Leuie has been such a highlight this year, as we opened the e-boutique at the close of Summertime, with the film and photoshoot, as well as opening a pop-up shop for Christmas. There have been many virtual adventures, fun news and opportunities. I look forward to all that is around the corner, and for the many blessings that I carry each year, within my heart…

Thank you so much for your comments, emails, and for everything that we share in—some things small, and some things, really, not so small atfter all… and with that, I wish you a wondrous celebration and a very Happy New Year! 

Images: all remaining, by Jamie Beck | 02, 07 via The Coveteur | 04 via Isabeau Grey on Pinterest

Interior: Graphic and Classic

In the heart of Lyon, lies a home, with doors wide open.

A welcome is not only a personal tone, gesture or tokens of hospitality. It lies also within the way the home looks, feels and allows one to enjoy their time their. A cove of warm toned, earthy stone hugs walls and the entryway, meanwhile the flooring offers a bit of man-made artistry and intrigue…

As one moves through, we start with the living room—the throw pillows, thrown, the angled chair, a blanket within reach—lovely… and then, that kitchen, with the two natural wood paneled doors embracing a modern kitchen for a lovely mixture—perfect… and then of course, the bed and bath, I do not believe it could get much cozier than it is! What are your thoughts and impressions on this home? —I would love to know!

Images: (scanned) Coté Est Sep—Dec 12, captured by Patrice Daurel

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Designer: Thakoon Addition

Pre-Fall 2012 collection.

An intriguing collection that feels simple, yet wearable and incredibly soft… I do wish that I could reach out and touch the silks, and don that beautifully details jacket in the first and patterned coat as seen in the last style… what about you? Do you fancy any of these pieces?

Images: via Studded Hearts

Inspiration: Winter Comforts

To bath and bed.

Both are wonderful things to slip into and relax in between Christmas and the New Year… just as the evening chill starts to descend, and begs us to relax in the comforts and pleasures of home… I hope that you had a wonderful and very Merry Christmas!

Image: 01 The Gifts of Life | 02 The Gifts of Life | 03 The Gifts of Life

Designer: Bobo

Olivia Wilde for Bobo Spring 2013…

Images: ru_glamour

Monday, December 24, 2012

Wishes: Merry Christmas!

From my heart to yours.

With a warm heart, full of joy and happiness, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! May your day brim with plenty of love, laughter and celebration!

Images: 01 The Gifts of Life | 02 This Ivy House | 03  This Ivy House | 04 The Gifts of Life | 05 The Gifts of Life | 06 This Ivy House | 07 The Gifts of Life

Christmas Traditions: Trees

A little background on the glistening trees of Christmas.

History has it that the custom of welcoming a Christmas tree into one's home began in early modern Germany. It is said that this special tree can be traced to the 16th (and perhaps even the 15th century) in which Christians brought decorated trees into their homes…

However, it all began one winter’s night back in 1536. A man by the name of Martin Luther was walking about through a pine forest in close proximity of his home (in Wittenberg) when he looked up and discovered a beautiful site: thousands of stars, almost jewel-like sat amongst the trees' branches. Indeed, this incredible sight "inspired him to set up a candle-lit fir tree in his house that Christmas to remind his children of the starry heavens from whence their Saviour came."

And of course, since its beginnings, new traditions of the classic Christmas tree have been added… such as tinsel, beautiful ornaments, and popcorn… parcels and nativity scenes tucked underneath. Each year, extra love and care goes into each and every light strung, as each ornament is unwrapped from years past, as each smile is formed and each time we glance up and appreciate, enjoy, and stand, in awe…

I would love to know—what is your favorite Christmas tree tradition?

Images: 01 via Vicki Archer | 02 via Paris Hotel Boutique | 03 via AnoukB | 04 via Vicki Archer | 05 via Ophelia's Renaissance | 06 via Paris Hotel Boutique | 07 Aurelie Lily | 08 via Pinterest & Karya | 09 via Laura Leonetti
Quote: History Today

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Interior: A Soft Christmas

Soft tones and a delicate approach to Christmas decorating.

Admittedly, I tend to crave cozy, warm tones during the wintertime. I forgo much of the soft tones, and (temporarily) replace them with berry and jewel tones——deep, rich purples, reds, goldens, even greys… however, after enjoying this beautiful home and its beautiful softer-toned details, my mind may be changed… But moreover, what are your thoughts on this home? I would love to know!

Images: Maison et Déco

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