Friday, September 28, 2012

Interior: Icy Fresh

A beautiful home located in Iceland.

Hello, friends! This week has come and gone so incredibly fast, I can hardly believe that Friday is before us. To me, some Fridays function along the same lines as Mondays—there is always a long, long to do list to accomplish, and a bit of extra coffee needed to do so! I do love Fridays, though, and look forward to enjoying a little down time on Sunday. Do you have some lovely plans in store?

As for this home, I couldn't resist its icy-cool tones, with bits of wood, gold, deeper grey, and berry hues to warm the spaces just enough. And above all else, I cannot seem to pull myself away from the kitchen most especially—with the use of stainless steel, concrete, and shelf displays—divine! And you?

Plus, a warm thank you to those who have liked Leuie on Facebook, tweeted, followed, posted, commented, and shared the news! I truly appreciate it, and wish I could express my heart-felt gratitude with much more than simply saying "thank you"! xx

Images: Zsa Zsa Bellagio | captured by Gunnar Sverrisson

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Welcome, Autumn

A warm welcome to a new season.

Autumn is always a favorite time of year, as there are so many things to look forward to and enjoy in the everyday. (not to mention that this is, apparently, 'my color scheme' in relation to the time of year) The fresh, brisk morning that start the day are always welcome, especially as the day warms heading toward noon… and then, there are delicious treats to enjoy, the decadent shades of flowers (especially plump Mums), and the layers to wear… this year, tucked in, and rolled, tied at the neck, and flung across the shoulders… what do you enjoy most?

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Interior: In Light

Refreshingly light and soft.

On even the most dreary or cool days, this light would certainly add light and brightness, and a bold statement at the very same time… I adore the nearly fabric, (which could be a linen) and how it has been tied like a relaxed shade over the metal frame—quite lovely, don't you agree?

Image: discovered via Trendenser & Pinterest

Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekly Finds № 62

This week's discoveries and links, starting with:

01 Photography by Mario Sierra, featuring Playa: the mornings feel like this—brisk and cool, with a slightly frosty hue, and I find myself so inspired by these photographs, that capture and embrace the Autumn season. Cozy sweaters, rain wear, and stylish layering is the ultimate of inspiration.

02 Styling by Lotta Agaton: Wonderful baths for inspiration, with the most exquisite and ornate details to note, against simple and classic lines, as well as beautiful things that adorn the bath, and live in our daily routine—containers, plush, soft towels, beauty and health products.

03 Follow along on Trust Your Style, as Mary Jo shares an array of bloggers' fall obsessions!
04 On Instagram (follow here), cozy pieces for the season + pretty Autumn hued hydrangeas
05 On My Paradissi, fond Summer memories at St.Barth
06 From Marché St.George (inspiring, yet again!) coconut pancakes
08 "The Eye Has to Travel" —a film I am just dying to see!
08 A beautiful crepe dress in a subtle shade of ink…

Images: fashion, via and by Mario Sierra | interior & detials, via Agent Bauer, styling by Lotta Agaton

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Inspiration: Autumn Arrangements

A tea and spice garden.

This weekend, I am inspired by the start of Autumn and its flowers—Mums, hydrangea, roses, a multitude of blossoms, and the myriad of beautiful shades of the season. And though vases are always lovely to showcase snippets, there is something fun and chic about tucking them into favorite tea and other such pretty tins this season… perfect for a bit of a surprise, and depending on the tin, quite a unique look and feel.

Images: French Kissed

Friday, September 21, 2012

Designer: Meadham Kirchhoff

Meadham Kirchhoff SS13 at London Fashion Week.

What a collection, wow… I am certainly floored by the details—each piece executed so beautifully, and so thoughtfully. We see notes of couture from years long, long ago, in combination with some relevant fits and styles that reflect the world of today. I am captivated by the sheer black overcoat, with trim details along the sleeve, as well as the decadent piece shown in the first image—and you?

Images: (with permission previously granted) by Shini of Park & Cube

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Interior: An Industrial Flavour

A classic home, with a touch of industrial flair.

As I was flipping through Coté Sud, admittedly, the entrance of this home caught my attention straight away. But the more I wandered around, through the variety of photographs, I discovered such a nice mixture of pieces and feelings throughout—an entryway that calls one to stop for a moment and enjoy… a cool and collected kitchen… and just outside, a cozy little hideaway, ideal for snuggling and cappuccinos…

And now I am curious, what do you enjoy about this family home?

Images: (scanned) Coté Sud, A/S 2012, by Henri Del Olmo

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