Monday, December 31, 2012

Interior: Graphic and Classic

In the heart of Lyon, lies a home, with doors wide open.

A welcome is not only a personal tone, gesture or tokens of hospitality. It lies also within the way the home looks, feels and allows one to enjoy their time their. A cove of warm toned, earthy stone hugs walls and the entryway, meanwhile the flooring offers a bit of man-made artistry and intrigue…

As one moves through, we start with the living room—the throw pillows, thrown, the angled chair, a blanket within reach—lovely… and then, that kitchen, with the two natural wood paneled doors embracing a modern kitchen for a lovely mixture—perfect… and then of course, the bed and bath, I do not believe it could get much cozier than it is! What are your thoughts and impressions on this home? —I would love to know!

Images: (scanned) Coté Est Sep—Dec 12, captured by Patrice Daurel


  1. Looove it! I´m sharing it with my readers, if you don´t mind ;-)

  2. There are many beautiful details in these interiors that have catched my eye! The iron vindows is prefectly contrasted with the hydraulic tile one. Walls of rough stone and the elegant velvet dark sofa... Oh...Every image is a dreaming.
    Have a wonderful Sarah (and wish you a Happy 2013 too!)

  3. I mean Have a wonderful WEEKEND! :-)))

    1. Interior graphic and classic is given in article here. You have described it very well


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