Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Tradition: The Christmas Card

The tradition of card giving during Christmastime.

Christmas seems to bring out the most beautiful sentiments and thoughtful words. A few extra moments to script sweet wishes and kind, warm sentiments in celebration of this beautiful and special time of year keeps tradition alive—not only in the handwritten word, but in the tradition of post, and Christmas.

A little moment in history…

I believe it was back in December of 1843 that British aristocrat Sir Henry Cole set one Christmas apart from the rest and decided to create something a little different to give. Rather than a typical letter, he commissioned a painter to create a painting on the cover of a card. The painting, by Clacott Horsley, depicted a family toasting the season, which was turned into color-lithographed design—creating the very first Christmas card. That design was sold by a publisher for a total of 1 shilling at the time.

Early cards often depicted family, tradition, jovial children, and decoration. I have collected a few vintage and antique Christmas cards and postcards over the years, and cherish their art and so often, sweet message…

Images:  01, 04 The Gifts of Life | 03 via Haute Faves Deux, by Sarah and Bendrix | 02, 05 The Cherry Blossom Girl | 06 via Peter Bagi


  1. Sarah I love this lesson about the Christmas card. The images are so lovely. Thank you for sharing sweet friend! XO

  2. Christmas is here!!!

  3. I love sending Christmas cards! They are such a sweet surprise in the mail! So fun.

  4. Dearest Sarah,
    It is often amazing how certain traditions started out... This sure was a lovely one and I love the fact those early cards did depict family as that is the foremost reason for Christmas.
    Hugs to you,

  5. That first image is lovely. Can't wait for Christmas. :)

    Briella, Denver IT Consulting

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  7. Love this little bit of history combined with all these beautiful images - lovely post Sarah! x

  8. What a wonderful story of the first Christmas card, I have never heard it before!

  9. Lovely post, didn't know how Christmas cards started out.
    Have a nice weekend.

  10. I adore getting Christmas cards..especially the ones with family pictures! Hope you are enjoying the holidays Sarah!

  11. Love love your blog! Avid follower and I just added you to my blogs blog role. Stop by sometime.

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment, Alys! xx


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