Monday, October 8, 2012

Wishes: Happy Thanksgiving

Warm wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

In a snap, we have arrived in the midst of early October, just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with loved ones. Decadent pumpkin macarons and apple cider have been picked up, and hearty bunches of Mumms have been purchased. Roses, hydrangea, antique pieces, domes, and feathers are being played with for displays, and the fragrant scent of pumpkin soufflé fills the kitchen and eating nook. I can almost smell the scent that will fill the house tomorrow—with turkey and many good things to enjoy. Oh, how I love Autumn…

Happy Thanksgiving!

I apologize for not sharing more inspiration with you this week! I do have a good deal to share, but unfortunately, my dear David has had a terrible cycling accident. With both arms in casts, bruises and scrapes, he needs a little extra assistance in the everyday. And so, I hope to share a little more with you soon, but to catch up, do stop by:

* Trust Your Style: Mary Jo asked me to participate within her Autumn series featuring one favorite style piece for Autumn. Stop by to see my favorite, amoungst other lovely ladies!
* {this is glamorous}, as this week's Take Me Away article transports us to a breezy and beautiful island: Prince Edward Island—complete with a city guide full of wonderful spots to visit

Images: 01, 08, 11 This Ivy House | 04, 06 SpitMcGee | 03 Decade Diary | 05 Pinterest | 07 If I Had | 09 Pinterest | 02, 10 beryl


  1. Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for the beautiful illustration of a very special day, Francine

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Sarah!

    I'm truly sorry to hear about the accident, how awful. I hope he recovers well.

  3. Hello, my friend, and Happy Thanksgiving! This is one beautiful post, I love everything about it, as I always do with your wonderful blog. This is the time of year I love the most, and it's even Fall in Texas!! Take good care of David, little boys and men need a love of love and attention when they are hurting. Sending love, Sarah...

  4. Absolutely beautiful fall inspiration! Happy Thanksgiving, we don't celebrate this in Holland, but reading the preparation for it, you going to have a good time, enjoy it!
    Best wishes to your David, i hope he will recover soon!

  5. Dearest Sarah,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!

  6. Thank you so much for your wishes :)

  7. Stunning images. Enjoy these days.

  8. Amazing photos!Thanks for sharing!
    Wish you enjoy your days!

  9. Thank you for sharing those images, they are lovely. Reminds me of Jane Austen and makes me wanna watch the movies again :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. I've linked this post to facebook. I love the images you selected for the thinksgiving day.
    Oooh, hope David get well soon.

    Thanks for the links, the travels suggested by This is Galmorous are always lovely.

  11. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving Sarah...fabulous images, as always.

  12. I hope David is doing better now, get well soon :)

  13. Oh no! I hope David is doing better Sarah!

    1. He is doing much better, thankfully & is always one to push forward to try to improve as best he can!

      & thank you to everyone for the wishes :) x


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