Thursday, October 4, 2012

Weekly Finds № 63

This week's discoveries and links, starting with:

01 Rive Gauche Rehab: A blog exploring and sharing the works of A+B Kasha—featuring wonderful, real-time Left Bank renovations, "with a few design thoughts and observations."—as they say. Above and below, you see snapshots of one of my favorite homes that they have completed. I adore the art work, details and way in which they have preserved the beauty and splendor the spaces.

02 SmokyAlice: Always a favorite for their fashionable pieces, ranging from casual, everyday clothing to darling shoes and beautiful handbags. This season, they have added some wonderful trench coats, flats, patterned dresses, and more! (all captured and styled so well!)

Click to continue reading and viewing…

03 Latte Lisa shares her visit to Beaton and Luxembourg with beautiful photographs
04 Obakki has a brand new website! Do stop by and see their new collection, too!
05 I would love a set of these binders in the studio
06 Something almost too pretty to enjoy!
07 Gorgeous packing—and I cannot resist gorgeous packaging
08 From Pinterest, Autumn in all of its splendor…

Images: interior: Rive Gauche Rehab | style: SmokyAlice


  1. Oh beautiful finds, love those beautiful photographs from Lisa's blog and great great packaging, And indeed sooooo prettttyyyy!!!!


  2. such gorgeous images sarah - you never disappoint! xx

  3. breathtaking images! i especially love that 1st interior space. i am in love with that colour behind the sofa (i can't decide if that colour is orange or not, but it's close enough and everyone knows how much i love that colour:-)). xx

  4. These are so beautiful!Love the details of the spaces!Love the great style!


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