Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Interior: An Anomalous Office

A unique and unexpected workspace.

To me, the workspace is everything, and relates entirely to productivity and creativity. Surrounded by magazine and books, photographs and a variety inspiration, I find my mind opens to ideas and possibilities. This workspace—with its eclectic and unusual mix of furnishings, angles, layers and textures makes me wonder about the person who designed the space, and more so, the person who uses the space. Judging from the fabric rolls, sampling and books, I am guessing an interior decorator—and you? What are your thoughts on this workspace?

Image: This Ivy House


  1. This room is amazing! I love it!

  2. Decadent and slightly decaying (the walls)... I think I can picture a character like Miss Haversham taking up interior design in this setting... no? I love it!:)

  3. I Liike. and that chair! wow. really nice

  4. Oh my...what a great melting pot it is! there's so much going on in this space!

  5. Replies
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