Thursday, October 11, 2012

Designer: Deco

Fall/Winter 2012 collection, by Deco.

The dramatic lines and bold statements of the season (and in particular, of this collection by Deco) make me long to take a shopping trip and fill my wardrobe with more luxurious layers of the season and even cooler season yet to come. Dainty gold detailing, bold blues, rich reds, and ruffled backs have made for a strong collection of pieces—pieces that make a statement and would be lovely to wear… what are your thoughts on the collection?

Images: Deco, via Popbee & The Fashion Spot | Previous collections here


  1. I love these graphic outfits, they look so chic and wearable, I would gladly take any of them!
    xo Mary Jo

  2. I am really getting into your fall looks, the coats are to die for!.... not really good for me at the moment as i put myself on a very tight clothing budget:(

  3. Wow, a beautiful collection of coats.
    Truly chic.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. omg I want that white coat with fur collar now! have a fabulous weekend, darling!

    caroline @ patagonia gifts love knot jewelry

  5. Her hair is SO pretty in this. The camel and red coat is divine! Happy weekend, dear Sarah, wishing you a good one! xo

  6. Killer outerwear. Just the thing for Autumn in the city.

  7. these are breathtaking!


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