Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Welcome, September

Fresh air and great days ahead.

I believe this time of year just might be my favorite (apart from Christmastime, of course) for the mornings alone, that seem to offer just the right amount of brisk breezes. And then, for the transitioning days, that warm mid-way to near Summer temperatures, and cool off so nicely as the evening arrives. It's a beautiful time…

Annual favorite films, such as You've Got Mail, make their way to the television, with quotes of "freshly sharpened pencils" and words such as "lovely…" and "fall…" that are frequently paired. The closet shifts here and there, making way for new, fresh things and classic, returning favorites. And then, there is the inspiration board on wheels in the studio, that shifts and molds into a new season, with influences from artwork and the written word, magazines, fashion, nature, and in some cases, food… what inspires you as we enter the brand new month?

Images: all fashion pictures via Jackpot | 02 Blue Sky Butterfly Studio, via Caroline Hepburn | 05, 09 Le Marché St.George, captured by Luis Valdizon | 04, 08 via James McGrath & Rococo Revisited | 06 via Caroline Hepburn & Kate Kelleher


  1. The composition of the third photo down is to die for, so gorgeous!

  2. Happy September Sarah! I love this month and all the cozy Fall feelings that come with it! I made apple pie this past weekend. I just realized our wedding is technically IN the fall season, by one week, lol!

  3. Happy September Sarah, and yes i love this month too and the weather is still sunny but we can smell the new season.
    Beautiful set of images. Love the ones from Kate and her tumblr. She's not only a very kind person but also a talented painter.

  4. Nice Images!!I love setember too!!


  5. Wow these are gorgeous images.
    Have a beautiful September. May it be filled with smiles, laugther and great posts.


  6. This is my favorite time of year, too. That delicate, pivotal moment when summer melds into fall. One of my favorite things about the season is the light. The sky and the sunlight changes, somehow, from blaring and bright to something more shining and special. I can't explain it.

    1. I know exactly what you mean :) It is very special! xx

  7. Oh, Fall, my favorite season of all - love the colors and the temperatures.
    Congratulations on your beautiful selection, impossible pick one image as a favorite.
    Have a nice day

  8. What beautiful images that get me so excited for the crisp, windy days ahead...happy September!

  9. I have just had a little summer break and so am always inspired when I return from all the reading and jotting of ideas in my diary while relaxing and having that downtime!
    Enjoy your special time of year Sarah
    Carla x

  10. Such a delightful post Sarah, beautiful photos.
    I'm getting into the autumn groove. It'll be interesting to experience autumn and winter in our new surroundings. Well, I just looked at the weather report and we'll enjoy summer weather in the next days but in the early mornings we have those brisk breezes you mentioned.

    I hope the new business is going well.

  11. beautiful pictures ! what a great post ! and I love the fabrics !

  12. Great images! I especially love the image of the desk. The wall treatment is to die for! Great post!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  13. I'll join the choir and give special praise to that wall treatment. That has been appearing all over Spring 2013 runways. J'adore! As for my seasonal changes...a cleanse of body(blended fruits & veggies)& closet (going through every piece and purging those i haven't worn) are both a necessity for me. Eureka! You've given me an idea for an upcoming post! ;)

  14. Sarah, I love how you always find images that transport me to another world and have so much feeling in them! I am loving finally shopping for fall--as much as I knew I needed to do it in summer, it's just so hard because it was so hot. It's so fun to fill in new pieces--there's so much I still want to get! Hope you are off to a lovely new week!
    xo Mary Jo

  15. Woow, pretty inspiration for the new season. Those textils inspired by the classical paintings has catched my eye!


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