Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Weekly Finds № 61

This week's discoveries and links, starting with:

01 Fratelli Rossetti: A company that never fails to lure with its beautifully designed leather footwear and handbags, and of course, its lookbook. I would love to know your thoughts on the styles, styling and what you would personally pick up first… For me, it would be the pair of shoes in the third picture on the left.

02 On Wit & Delight, earthy, elegant, and exceptionally made jewelry from Alexis Russell
03 A messy & chic knot, seen on Pinterest
04 On iiiinspired, beautiful Autumn tones seen in the design of birds for the wall
05 Featured on Kickcan and Conkers, a fabulous interior
06 I want to hang this on my wall…

Images: Fratelli Rossetti


  1. Love the fuzzy lined boots. Also really like the creative closures on the bags. Those are the design details that make things special.

    1. So true :) I do wish that a local boutique would stock their footwear especially (and even handbags for that matter) as I bet they are beautiful in person, too! x

  2. nice images and editorial !
    i personally find fratelli rosetti a tad on the conservative side... but i do like the brown riding type boots on the model, as well as the pumps with the tassels (in any color).



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