Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekly Finds № 60

This week's discoveries and links, starting with:

01 New York Fashion Week: Everyone is talking about the shows, and the excitement of new designs that are cascading down the runways. I fully admit to joining along, and loving the "fresh" —the excitement of not knowing what piece will appear next, what is to be expected. Have you been watching? What are you enjoying?

02 On Daily Cup of Couture, a lovely and grand shop in New York
03 The cutest (and maybe most chic?) doggie door
04 On At First Blush & Co., a cotton candy martini
05 I am obsessing about these bold boots!
06 On 79 Ideas, grey with mustard details…

Plus, this week on {this is glamorous}, we explore my very own city—Vancouver!—with an article about the city + an official city guide, revealing some of my most favorite (and some secret) spots!

Images: Phil Oh via Vogue


  1. Oh wonderful. I am so enjoying all the colourful images from the fashion week.

  2. Wonderful pictures ! I love both those skirts !

  3. I am always looking forward for your weekly finds!

  4. I wish we had a bit of fashion week where I live, ha! but so glad with all the articles on internet.
    Lovely weekly finds (something with link nr.6 Sarah, i click on it and it shows an error, or maybe it's my mac). And of course i visit {this is glamorous} what a beautiful post, so many great links on such a great city.

    Ps. oh and thank you again for the link in your previous.

    1. Oops, something indeed has gone wrong—not sure!—thanks so much, Audrey :) And I completely agree about fashion week. xxoo

  5. Adore the fashion week photos! Thanks for linking to Daily Cup of Couture :) Have a fabulous week darling! xx

  6. There is so much to follow during fashion week.. certainly keeps you on your toes! I love that first image of Taylor Tomasi Hill's fabulous hair... and Caroline Issa's zebra print dress matched back with that abstract floral jacket. Those bold boots are certainly amazing:) Thanks for sharing Sarah x


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