Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Style: The Lacy Shawl

Adorn your neck and shoulders with a bit of romance and nostalgia.

The Demoiselle Shawl: a dainty ivory French calais lace shawl straight from the beautiful streets of Paris. Beautiful thrown on over a chic velvet blazer, with a trench or even a classic little black dress. Such a classic piece for ladies of all ages. (And, also available for little ones in a darling miniature version! See golden and ivory shades for little girls)

Plus, while on the topic of beautiful creations in France, do visit {this is glamorous} to read this week's Take Me Away article, which explores the decadent silks of Lyon—their rich history, stunning archive collections, and a few things you might not have known… enjoy!

Image: Leuie, captured by David Arias


  1. Dearest Sarah,

    As for the ivory French lace shawl, I find The Demoiselle Shawla bit too sparingly with showing a detail of the lace or describing it better... What are we looking at?
    Quite a treat to read about the Silks of Lyon; thanks for putting that together the way you did!
    Hugs to you,

  2. I seriously want to run out and get one right now. These are so gorgeous!


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