Saturday, September 22, 2012

Inspiration: Autumn Arrangements

A tea and spice garden.

This weekend, I am inspired by the start of Autumn and its flowers—Mums, hydrangea, roses, a multitude of blossoms, and the myriad of beautiful shades of the season. And though vases are always lovely to showcase snippets, there is something fun and chic about tucking them into favorite tea and other such pretty tins this season… perfect for a bit of a surprise, and depending on the tin, quite a unique look and feel.

Images: French Kissed


  1. Just lovely! Makes me wish I'd kept all my wonderful tea tins I used to collect.

    xo Mary Jo

  2. I love roses and peonies ! they are my favorite flowers.
    beautiful pics.

  3. Your pics are so sweet and beautiful. I went to my cutting flower gardens (mostly dahlias, snapdragons, roses...)and arranged small bouquets in vases and tiny glasses. This is one of my favorite evening moments, going to the garden and bringing the beautiful colors indoors.

    1. So true, and such a perfect way to put it, Francine! Hope you had a lovely weekend, x

  4. So so pretty, Sarah. This post make me smile on this lovely Fall Sunday in Houston. Sending love....

  5. So lovely! You can be creative in so many ways.


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