Friday, August 3, 2012

Welcome, August

For those who love the sun, August is heaven.

Forgive me—I have been storing up some lovely inspiration to share all week, but there was always something that came up to hold me from sharing it with you. I will admit, the "something" is all wonderful, and has been keeping me completely occupied but also, very happy. And so, today, to close the week, we say hello to a brand new month of sunshine and summertime…

What do you have in store for this month?

Images: 01, 08, 11 Pain de Sucre collection, via ru_glamour | 04, 07, 09, 10 by + via Garance Doré | 02, 05, 06, 14 (scanned) via Coté Sud June/July 2012 captured by Nicolas Mathéus | 12 (scanned) via Coté Sud June/July 2012 captured by Pierrick Verny | 03 (scanned) via Coté Sud June/July 2012 captured by H.Hôte


  1. Dearest Sarah,

    August is a great month indeed. Almost our farewell to the sun, to swimming and using our bathing suits... Enjoy your special sunshine time!
    Love and hugs,

  2. Lovely and summery post!


  3. What gorgeous images! Happy August to you too lovely Sarah!! Isabelle xx

  4. So refreshing...happy weekend,

  5. Sarah, this post is absolute soul sunshine. I love it. It makes me smile.
    Thanks for your sweet comments. A virtual hug still does wonders. ;)

  6. Sarah, I love how you mix interiors with fashion inspiration. This post projects much serenity. The bath and living room are really beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much—you are so kind! xx

  7. What gorgeous images Sarah - the last bathroom is amazing and how fun is that bunk the bamboo!!


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