Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekly Finds № 56

This week's discoveries and links, starting with:

01 Elle China August 2012: Captured by Michelle Du Xuan, the photography features pretty blossoms and equally pretty makeup for inspiration, no matter the season…

02 Reiss Footwear: A beautiful new collection for Autumn, by Reiss—from luxurious green peep toes to dramatically contrasting bibbed sandals, there are a number of lovely styles.

03 A romantic and incredibly feminine garden was recently featured in Desde My Ventana
04 A moment from the past: Cher of Clueless, on The Coveteur
05 Featured on From the Right Bank, Kelly Wearstlers latest project (which is divine!)
06 An incredibly decadent space discovered on Pinterest
07 On Greige, a heavenly garden entryway

Plus, in case you haven't seen yet, stop by {this is glamorous} to read the latest {take me away} article, featuring Lisbon Including some of the very best sights to see, places to stay and must-visit restaurants, it is a fascinating destination…

Images: beauty via FGR | shoes via Reiss


  1. Sarah-
    A beautiful post, as always. Such a beautiful girl. The shoes are fabulous.
    Happy Monday.

  2. Sarah - Sorry I have been so absent, busy busy around here! But every time I pop by I know that I will get my heavy dose of pretty. Kelly Wearstler's latest project is quite amazing isn't it? She will never cease to amaze.

    Nancy x

  3. You know, sometimes I think that all the foreign magazines have the prettiest photo shoots. So gorgeous! Great links, too, as always. Now I want to watch Clueless again.

    1. I do, too! It's been ages and ages, and sometimes, the most comical film from the past is just about right :) xx

  4. Dearest Sarah,
    Lovely photos but the Reiss footwear did not take me away...
    Have a great summery week and hugs to you,

  5. Hello darling! I know I owe you an email. Not sure you know what happened to me but I'll DM you on Twitter...I love the shoes, sometimes you need sensible yet pretty for those meetings when you are taking over the world! xo

    1. I was wondering! I look forward to your message & hope that all is all right! xxoo

  6. um i LOVE that cher horowitz was covered on the coveteur!! she was so fabulous!


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