Thursday, August 30, 2012

Style: In the Navy

A juxtaposed, layered look.

Now, I have long loved Peony Lim's style. Slightly experimental, and entirely her own… with a dash of elegance, always, whether she is wearing a tee or draped gown, she always pulls together inspiring looks. And this particular look, looking ahead towards Autumn, is just lovely. With a little edge in the way of her pants, and a little grace, in her top, coat and accessories. I would love to have that gorgeous coat in my wardrobe—what about you?

Plus, a very special thank you to Roséline for her lovely post featuring our newly launched Leuie in her at the shops column on {this is glamorous} —highlighting the lookbook and also, a few of her favorite pieces…

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Image: Vanessa Jackman


  1. This look makes me yearn for Fall. Beautiful!


  2. I know that you've written about her before, but this navy coat is just over the top beautiful! Love her elegant look and was just thinking I need to find a way to add a peplum to my wardrobe--this is the ultimate inspiration!
    xo Mary Jo

    1. You could definitely pull this off, and beautifully! xxoo

  3. Fabulous jacket, Sarah...thank you for dropping by, always so lovely to hear from you.
    Have a fabulous weekend ;-)

  4. That is statement jacket- love it! And not to mention.. navy has been my favourite colour lately.. chic and warm!

    1. That is so true, and paired with black, amazing! x

  5. She is beautiful...and i really like this coat!
    Brilliant combination.

    ♥Looona Lou

  6. I thought you were going to give some insight on furniture and not leave us hanging to decide.


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