Thursday, August 2, 2012

Inspiration: Classic

The value of the classics.

Some things are just classic… their beauty, timeless, and their design, so fitting in purpose. (and perhaps in some cases, purposes) And for those who love the classic lines that live in fashion, graphic, interior design and the like—you know their power; their power to move through the seasons and through the years—their willingness to stand against and beside trends, and take president in the daily living.

I have a few pieces just like these. Once I saw them inside a store or online, I knew I couldn't pass them by. There was something pulling about them. And true to feeling, here they remain, some pieces having been sitting for over ten years within my home. And no matter how often I look at them, wear them, use them, appreciate them, their value never decreases. Do you have some pieces like that?

Plus, while discussing classics, stop by {this is glamorous} to see this week's {take me away} article, which features the best beach cottages to stay in around the world… 

Images: 01 on Pinterest, via Tara Stewart of Frankly Esoteric, 02 Sophie Marceau via Listal, 03 on Pinterest via Lauren Holmes, 04 via The Now, 05 via Brenda Goss + Traditional Home, 06 via this ivy house, 07 via Femme Belle


  1. Yes, the classics, i also have a few. I love to wear my white blouse (a bit oversized) and a straight black pants. Have tried so many fragrances, but always get back to the no. 5. And if i had to believe my boyfriend it's the only fragrance he can endure. Lately i'm thinking to invest in a black tote, so many choices, but something just like in the 4 image would be perfect. Oh and those miu miu's, love them!!

    Have a lovey weekend!

  2. You can never go wrong with the classics. I love to watch fashions ebb and flow, but I get very irritated when I can't find any classics in the overflow of trends. Like a good pair of jeans with a great cut and no stretch. Impossible to find these days, unless you can afford to spend a small fortune on a pair.

    1. It is! The best that I have found are at from J.Crew of all places, and also James Jeans. I have tried a number of brands ranging from low to high, and these two are still my favorites for fit. x

  3. This is such an incredible post on the classics! I think it is one my favorite posts you have done yet!



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