Thursday, August 30, 2012

Style: In the Navy

A juxtaposed, layered look.

Now, I have long loved Peony Lim's style. Slightly experimental, and entirely her own… with a dash of elegance, always, whether she is wearing a tee or draped gown, she always pulls together inspiring looks. And this particular look, looking ahead towards Autumn, is just lovely. With a little edge in the way of her pants, and a little grace, in her top, coat and accessories. I would love to have that gorgeous coat in my wardrobe—what about you?

Plus, a very special thank you to Roséline for her lovely post featuring our newly launched Leuie in her at the shops column on {this is glamorous} —highlighting the lookbook and also, a few of her favorite pieces…

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Image: Vanessa Jackman

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weekly Finds № 58

This week's discoveries and links, starting with:

01 Stills: A look at their lovely Autumn/Winter lookbook and collection. A wonderful collection, season after season, with the greatest attention to detail and craftsmanship—a fact that truly sets them apart.

02 Tine K Home: Their brand new inspiration page is filled with icy cool, calm and lovely designs. And true to their vision, there are plenty of simple pieces that seamlessly work their way into everyday living.

03 On My Design Chic, a wonderful collection of scalloped shorts and inspiration
04 Mary Jo Matsumoto's fabulous new Fall handbag collection (+ this favorite)
05 On Pinterest, a very pretty way to wear a silk scarf
06 A smashing and sophisticated red dress
07 On Eclecchic, a pretty reading spot outdoors
08 And just in case you missed the big news, visit this post :)

Images: Stills and Tine K Home

Interior: Incredible Details

A home of significant touches, and decadent, incredible details.

Every once in awhile a home stops one in their tracks to not only absorb the spaces within, but to carefully absorb the details… the details that nearly need to be dissected carefully, so as not to miss a single one. Headers and pillars full of whimsy, that favorite wood floor, light fixtures, and then that beautiful kitchen entrance… a word of "wow", followed by "oh my" comes to mind…

Images: discovered via Daniella on Pinterest & Dustjacket Attic, via Nicety

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

News: A Little Surprise

Hello dear friends! I hope that your weekend has been very refreshing and relaxing. We have had nothing but the loveliest weather here—a mixture of sun and overcast—making it perfect for sitting indoors and out, and enjoying Summertime. It seems that our Summers going well into September, so we are counting on another month or so of beautiful weather.

But for now, onto today's topic: On several occasions over the past some months, nearing a year now, I have mentioned that I have been working away on something. Today, I am very excited to share the big news with you! We have just launched our company—an e-boutique especially for children!

Our plan began years and years ago, and came about because we believe it is important to nurture and envelope children's lives with love, dreams and imagination. Our search for items that encompassed such a spirit turned into a quest that brought us to develop a boutique that would fulfill the need and desire in Vancouver and across the globe. Items that are well considered and well made, that captured the beautiful spirit of children—their delight, surprise and exploratory nature.

In turn, our company, Leuie, brings together an exclusive collection of carefully chosen pieces especially with children in mind; a wonderful selection of items for the home and everyday living—from beautifully crafted leisure wear made in Paris and well made indoor shoes from Denmark, to whimsical, handmade décor items, one-of-a-kind vintage gifts, and charming luggage made in Spain…

With inspired designs that combine traditional care and European craftsmanship of a bygone era with the needs of present day, you will find an array of items that are entirely new to the country, and in some cases, North America. Perfect for infants through to teen years, the designs are truly special and unique—complete with an abundance of charm, stories and fond memories at the heart.

I invite you to visit Leuie's website, and discover the newly launched film, lookbook and e-boutique! I would love to know your thoughts, so please, don't be shy! But just before you visit, a little introduction to read:  (after all, I don't want to give too much away before you see!)


As we savour the sun-filled, warm days of summertime, a beautiful story, the start of a magical and enchanting dream is revealed and begins to unfold… 

Two children tucked in to their beds one summer evening close their eyes and drift off to sleep. In their own imaginations, they begin to dream of all that is to come.  For the very next morning, they will pack their suitcases, leave their city life behind, and set off to join beloved relatives at the summer cottage… where days upon days of warm summertime adventures, and fond memories await…" —click to discover!


Images: 01 via Girl in London | lookbook images to follow: by James Moes for Leuie

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Interior: A Home of Light

A snippet of elegance, a touch of tradition, and a dash of pizazz.

I love this house. Oh, how I love the way this house feels. The warmth and bold exterior that builds such a presence… how the exterior is just as welcoming as the interior, with seating areas, resting areas, swimming areas… and onto inside, where old stone floor awaits, bright spaces, and soft wood, combined with rich tones…

On a side note: do you recognize the bedroom that was posted a couple of months back? Here, we see it from a new angle, along with the rest of the gorgeous home.

Images: Nuevo Estilo
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