Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekly Finds № 51

This week's discoveries and links, starting with:

01 So-An Architects / Isabelle Stanislas & Leiko Oshima: A wonderful interior design and architecture studio located in France. And while browsing through an array of their projects—both retail and residential—one element was forthright throughout… and that is a settled quality to their designs. One that captures and reflects the past, yet feels surprisingly present; A vision of elegance in perfect combination with contemporary and clean lines. There is opulence to be sure, but never too much. Simplicity, but detailed in some aspects. Functionality, but personality. Take a look below, a snippet of their beautiful work to enjoy—I would love to know your thoughts!

Continue reading and viewing…

02 Recently on {this is glamorous} rustic & refined—beautifully put together
03 On My Paradissi, an adorable and fun coral colored camera
04 A stunning collection of Louis Vuitton pieces was featured on The Beauty File
05 A newly released lamp design that I am completely taken with
06 Grays Lane: A brand new magazine to take a look at online 
07 One hilarious watch!

Images: So-An, discovered via Stephanie & Yatzer


  1. Incredible post!

  2. So glad you enjoy these spaces as well :)

  3. wow nice place i love it..pls. visit this site


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