Thursday, July 12, 2012

Artist: Zoe Pawlak

Beautiful creations by Zoe Pawlak.

This is a small world, isn't it? At times though, it seems rather large, with long, vast lands to discover and tall architecture to take in, books upon books full of restaurants, and rows of unique shops to visit and enjoy. And yet, just under our noses we discover and learn of some of the most wonderful places and people. And today, we meet Zoe Pawlak, a lovely and warm local lady, who is known all over the world and sought after for her incredible talents. Perhaps you recognize her work? One of her paintings hangs in Grace Booney's kitchen (of Design*Sponge) but she has also been showcased in Martha Stewart Living, on Oh Joy, and more.

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Zoe Pawlak is a contemporary artist as you see, who works with quite a broad client base, often creating site-specific commissions, and assisting purchasers with curating art within their home; bridging interior design and art, beautifully. In addition to working with clients, she also exhibits her paintings within group and solo shows, internationally, and is sought after as a curator and a consultant. I am truly in love with her expressive pieces, and how her use of form and color truly captivates and inspires the imagination. I would personally love to own a few, though choosing would be rather difficult!

Images: (with the permission of Zoe Pawlak) 01-03, 04-07, 12-14, 15 by Tracey Ayton Photography & all else captured by Zoe Pawlak 
Film: by Liam Mitchell on Vimeo


  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful post!

  2. Thank you for introducing Zoe's work. I'm absolutely drawn to it. Heaven Hold on is an impressive piece. I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye out for more of her work!

  3. She's so talented! Gorgeous paintings, I love her use of color.

  4. Yes, this is so beautiful!! i love this style of painting, fabulous colors and if i might choose a favorite, the small picture: the woman with that dress. A gorgeous painting. This is (again) a lovely post to end this week Sarah.
    So thanks for sharing this!!

    Happy weekend!

  5. She makes amazing art!! I would totally put that painting of the woman, I assume at the beach) in my place. Great post! I really enjoyed seeing the art in a variety of different settings.

  6. Zoe's work is beautiful. I must add at least one to my home.

  7. So glad that everyone is enjoying Zoe's beautiful work :)

  8. Love her work!!!

    Thank You for the introduction.

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  10. Such a well versed blog, glad to see these are still around.


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