Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome, May

An open, new month before us.

This morning, I awoke a little earlier than usual mornings, meaning specifically, that my alarm did not wake me up or the sound of coffee, coffee, coffee. It was the soft sunshing making its way through my windows that did! This is certainly a far more lovely way to awake up and start the day… and so, we welcome May! And with May, we are glad to see an open schedule and days to be had, flowers in bloom, and greenery filling in, refreshed and vibrant…

And how fun it is to see several cotton-tailed bunnies, each and every day now, come to explore the yard, nibble here and there, running to and fro, through the courtyard, up the back, down the sides—it is so cute. These little sweet things remind us of the renewal of life, and the beautiful story that unfolds as the seasons turn. We must remember to catch glimpses of nature and life, for with busy schedules, we can often be swept up in the to-do's and miss the beautiful nature around us in the to-see's. This is something I am very guilty of. I believe it was yesterday, when I saw driving along, my mind filled with the inevitable to-do's, then spotting a mother goose, with her darling baby gosling on the side of the road, that made me pause for a second and just stop and smile; smile because of life; smile because of love and care and growth; smile because in all of this, it is Spring…


Images: 01, 04, 08, 11 by Lachlan Bailey—Vogue China, May 2012, via fgr | 02, 05, 07, 12 by Pierre-Jean Verger—Art & Décoration | 03, 09, 10 by Bernard Dozel—Mon Jardin & Ma Maison | 06 (scanned) Country Living, May 2012, by Pernille Kaalund


  1. Gorgeous, Sarah!
    I love the dining tablescape!
    Happy Wednesday.

  2. such gorgeous shots of abbey, especially the second; happy may, sarah! x

  3. Beautiful images, loving that color palette! I always have a much better day when the sunshine pouring in my window wakes me up!


  4. Lucky you! On my side of the world, we're heading into winter and though the days have been very sunny and cloudless, it's absolutely freezing! Lovely images btw.

    Kate {Something Fabulous}


  5. Lovely pictures! I also like the stair design.

  6. There is a house on my way to town that has geese. They make me smile every time I see them. I'm always telling my husband that I would love to have a gaggle of geese.
    Beautiful photos, as always. Perfect for the welcome of May.


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