Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekly Finds № 44

This week's discoveries and links, starting with:

01 Kettal: And while we are on the topic of Spain, this outdoor furniture design company certainly catches the attention of onlookers through not only the visually beautiful designs, but also, the functionality. Having been incredibly displeased with nearly all of the outdoor furniture options on the market today, I tend to look to vintage, antique or unusual pieces in combination with a few strikingly modern and well-made pieces such as these. What are your thoughts on outdoor furnishings and this line in particular?

02 Ada, of Classiq, shared a few lovely outfits with fresh and feminine white blouses
03 Beautifully packaged chocolates were featured on Lovely Package
04 Peter, at Sprk, shared a beautiful Hermès camera
05 On the Alternative Wife, some light and pretty inspiration for the weekend
06 On Glamour Drops, beautiful gowns from J'Aton Couture were showcased
07 Everything looks a little more sweet when tied up with a bow
08 For the weekend, scrumptious coconut waffles
09 French actress Catherine Deneuve in her Morgan roadster in 1967
10 The ever-beautiful Ulyana, all in blue…

I hope that you have had a lovely weekend! And for those who are also in Canada, I hope that you are enjoying the remainder of the long weekend… thanks for stopping by!

Images: 02, 09 via cool hunting | remaining images via Kettal | Video: via Vimeo


  1. Oh my that camera!! Amazing!! love, love a classic car, and miss Ulyana definitely looking beautiful in that blue! also the blogpost from the Classiq, love white blouses.
    The outdoor line from Kettal is very modern, I like the furniture in picture nr 8, beautiful design.

    (thanks for having me in your weekly finds Sarah, you don't know how grateful I am)


  2. Wow, I just love all these photos! And off to take a look at your lovely links now. x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  3. I am in LOVE with that box window! All of these pictures really take me away . . . ahhh! I'll have to check out your links =)

  4. I adore outdoor furniture. There are some really amazing pieces here. I got a Crate & Barrel catalog today, and I have to say, I was really impressed with their line of outdoor furniture. Not quite as magical as that swing in the tree above, but pretty tempting all the same.

  5. Such beautiful photographs!! Just love the scenery throughout! All the outdoor patios are so inviting! Thanks for inspiring :)

  6. Oh how delightful to find Glamour Drops on your lovely list! Thank you! And oh my, those gowns are truly fabulous, aren't they? Off to check out your other links now. xx

  7. That swing made me smile! How much fun would it be to sit in that? Love it. xo

    1. Definitely! And with a little breeze and sunshine? Heavenly... x

  8. I need to go garden furniture shopping. Currently I'm using an old dining table that can be folded but it's not exactly made for outdoors.

    Lovely links. I loved Ada's white shirt post and I just repinned the photo of Ulyana ;-)

    PS. I had already bookmarked your Paris post ;-)

  9. Gorgeous links and photos Sarah! Makes me want to completely refurnish my backyard!

    xo Mary Jo

  10. Ooh, that car and Ms Deneuve. I just want to photoshop me into that one!
    I do need a new camera... wow that's gorgeous. Those J'Aton gowns are show-stoppers on every occasion when one wears one! Ada always loves a good looking white blouse!
    How gorgeous is Audrey?
    Lovely links Sarah :)x

  11. I wish I had a backyard, especially now that summer is just around the corner. :) That Leica-Hermes camera left me in awe, Sarah. It's exquisite! Thank you for the link. :) Wishing you a wonderful day!

    1. Of course, my pleasure, and you too, Ada! xx

  12. Such a beautiful patio. I am in love with the covered swing. I could spend hours there.
    Happy Wednesday, Sarah, and thank you for sharing.

  13. Nice post! You are a very smart! Furniture is also my favorite pick.


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