Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Photography: Melissa Mercier

Exhibit at Toronto’s Contact Photography Festival and NordArt 2012 in Germany.

Perhaps it is in all gladness of warmer weather returning, in combination with recent talk and appreciation of the water, but I could stare at local talent, Melissa Mercier's photography all day. Her work is just astounding—enjoy a look above and below (no pun intended).

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"Irrational Fear of Confined Spaces" is a study of claustrophobia in particular by local talent, photographer Melissa Mercier. Though not diagnosed with claustrophobia, she imagines the feeling of being trapped to be the worst, and states: "I'm so attracted to spaciousness, that I actually chose the space itself to be the subject of these photographs." At first glance some of the works look as though they were captured underwater, but in fact they were taken from above, allowing the submerged and protruding elements of the natural setting work with the lake's surface, as if to breathe or suffocate whether above or below. The airy nature of this beautiful body of work is in fact her remedy to the feeling of being cornered, and is wonderfully executed.

Details: Pigment print on archival paper 38” X 38”, edition of 7 pieces | The photography will be on display at the Gladstone hotel from May 2nd until May 27th and also, at the Kunstwerk Carlshütte/ NordArt from June 2nd until September 30th. (see details)

Images: Permission granted by Melissa Mercier


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