Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weekly Finds № 38

This week's discoveries and links, starting with:

01 Yoda Hidemi, Webship Atelier:  Such pretty gifts for the romantic, the old soul, the lover of poetry, and ancient stories; for the person who appreciates the beauty in age. These gorgeous, limited edition, leather bound book clutches and bags offer a beautiful sense of a story well read… its pages and corners turned, many a times, bringing joy and tears to the reader—an escape from the everyday world, and into the world of the storyteller.

Stories of imagination, with titles such as "Moon" and "Fairy" and "Flowers", can hold your daily necessities and come alongside you, as quite a handy accessory. Additionally, they also created dainty little cream spripted and dotted handbags with bows (as you can see mid-way) and many other pretty things to want. Which would you select?

02 James, of The New Victorian Ruralist, shared the most beautiful seaside colored interior inspiration
03 Thanks to Alexandra, on Pinterest, I discovered Noritamy—a selection of stunning limited-edition jewelry
04 A new website and new items have recently been added to Les Composantes
05 For those interested in Hanneli's white dress from this weekend : I discovered two lovely options here and here
06 Speaking of Sakura (last week), Amanda, of Lace & Tea, shared beautiful pictures of style in blossoms
07 The Knot Library : a fabulous guide to 50 different ways to style your scarf
08 And lastly, this week's {take me away} post takes us to Mykonos, Greece!

Images: (discovered via Popbee) 01 M.Souer | all remaining, via Yoda Hidemi, Webshop Atelier


  1. This collection of images makes me want to race off to the nearest antique book shop Sarah! I think I can smell that delicious musty old scent of well-loved and well-worn old books! Combine that with fresh coffee, and a little table and chair in the corner, and it sound like perfect heaven. xx

  2. Dearest Sarah,
    Always interesting what you show us. And going to the Grace Hotel in Mykonos, Greece would be such luxury.
    Have a great mid-week and love to you,


  3. I love your Weekly Finds! PS: I just loved your most recent Take Me Away post! Absolutely gorgeous!

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  4. That is an exquisite Take Me Away post Sarah! Although of greek heritage I've never been there; but your images and post gave me an insiders view! Thanksx

  5. Those book bags are SO amazing, what a great find!


  6. Sarah, you are so sweet :)
    I'm glad you liked those photos as much as I did! Thanks so much for the link love, x

  7. I can't choose! i like all of them, all unique! Your weekly finds are great! love those images from lace and tea, and the link of Les Composantes is interesting and i like the blog new victorian ruralist, have to check this out.

    Hope your week is going well!

    1. I think you will really enjoy The New Victorian Ruralist :) Have a great day, xx

  8. The book bags are brilliant. So lovely

  9. What a great find! Enchanting purses!

  10. What a neat idea. These are so interesting.

  11. The bags with the bow attached to the chain are so pretty! Your Take Me Away post about Mykonos was a wonderful read, Sarah. xo

  12. Great collection!!!These book bags are amazing!!!!Love it!

  13. Lovely collection. Nice post indeed!


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