Friday, April 20, 2012

Photographer: Brie Williams

A selection of the works of Brie Williams.

Today, to close the week and to open the weekend, I am very happy to share a sampling of the work of photographer Brie Williams. Brie resides in the southern part of the United States, but needless to say, her vast portfolio is a trip for the imagination—a delight for the explorer and creative—a delight to observe, as she brings us into her line of vision, and into a world of dreamy and beautiful living…

Brie has had a number of impressive clients, including Louboutin and Coastal Living, and as well, she has had her photography published in several books—from those on entertaining and food to beautiful floral arrangements. For additional examples of her photography, visit: here, here, here, and here… And with that, I wish you a wonderful weekend ahead!

Images: courtesy, and with the written permission of, Brie Williams


  1. cute!!!

  2. These photos are all amazingly beautiful! Thanks, Sarah!

  3. I love Brie =) I could just live in any single one of these shots..

  4. Wow, I love her shots! My favourites are the canopy bed, the stack of books and the outside ones. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  5. OMG, Sarah!
    I have only one word to express what I felt looking at her work: PERFECTION.
    I'm speachless, love every single detail about these shots, thanks for sharing.
    Wish you a great weekend.

  6. little bit of career envy - imagine travelling to all these gorgeous locations for work!

    the patinas are lovely xx

  7. Okay honestly i am obsessed with every one of those photographs! Incredible!

  8. this is beautiful...I love her photography - the first picture is truly beautiful

    1. I knew that you would love these! There is another photograph in her portfolio of a kitchen, with a fabulous sink and copper pots hanging that made me think of you :)

  9. Brie's images are sublime and such fabulous locations just makes you want to pack your bags and go on holiday!!
    Wonderful start to my day although makes me restless...
    Carla x

  10. I so need a Moroccan escape right now (if I'm correct in thinking that's where many of these beautiful pictures were taken).

    Andrea x


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